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Whether you want to drive locally, regionally or over-the-road, Southeastern Career Training Centers (SEC) will assist in completing new driver applications, developing a resume, and working with you on professional presentation and interviewing skills.

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Tired of not having enough money to make ends meet?

Could you live on $35,000-$40,000 your first year in a new career? That is the potential salary for graduate truck driving students. 

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Tired of not having enough money? Could you live on $35,000-$40,000 your first year in a new career? That's the potential salary for graduate truck driving students. The truck driving industry is growing and has continued to grow for many years at a rapid rate. Well-trained commercial truck drivers are needed to keep the country's freight moving.

SEC Training Centers will provide job placement services to every student while enrolled in school, as well as after graduation.

Graduates can contact the school at any time for assistance in locating a job to take advantage of the network of hundreds of high quality local, regional and national employers that hire SEC students.


Trucking Experience

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The management and teaching staff at SEC have more than one hundred years of combined experience in the education and transportation industry. We are committed to our students, and assure you that you will have the basic skills the you need to begin your career as a truck driver in an entry level position, upon successful completion of our 200-hour program.

SEC Training Centers' include a large area for truck parking, pre-trip/post-trip training, and maneuvering training. All classrooms are well-lighted and ventilated for student comfort, and equipped for discussions and demonstrations. Audio-visual aids are used as an integral part of classroom lecture in all programs of study.

The truck driver program is taught by over-the-road instruction in well maintained equipment like that used daily in the trucking industry. Over-the-road instruction includes driving different vehicles of various weight configurations over state, federal, county and city routes within an approximate 50-mile radius of the school. The skill training, such as alley docking and backing, takes place at a specially designed and constructed close quarter maneuvering course.


SEC in the News

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Truck Training Instructor in the News

SEC Training Instructor, Katherine Windom, was recently featured on MS News Now for giving advice about driving in icy conditions.  

Katherine Windom, who works for SEC Training School in Flowood, has been driving 18 wheelers for years and is now training others how to use them.

"There are extra precautions that must be taken when driving in winter weather," said Windom. 


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