Tuition and Costs



We offer a variety of tuition plans for our students. With a combination of scholarships, grants, and tuition reimbursement we can often help you get your CDL with no out-of-pocket expense. Contact an admissions representative to find out what plan will work for you!

  • Grants: We work with many state and federal agencies to obtain grants for our students under programs like the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Community Reinvestment Act (CMI).
  • GI Bill: We are proud to support our Armed Forces by providing education services to US Military Veterans. We are certified by the Mississippi Department of Veterans’ Affairs, State Approving Agency. Qualified Veterans may apply to receive GI Bill Educational benefits.
  • Scholarships: Demand for Commercial Drivers is very high right now, leaving many transportation companies with a shortage of qualified employees. We work with these companies to offer training scholarships for our students, completely covering the cost of attending SEC.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: Many companies hiring Commercial Drivers will reimburse employees for the cost of obtaining their license. SEC brings the recruiters from these companies into our classrooms to offer the best opportunities in the industry to our graduates.
  • Student Financing: Student financing is available from multiple lending companies and is specifically designed for those with low or no credit. Interest and finance charges will apply, but may be offset by other funding options.
  • Installment Program: With a small down payment our admissions representatives can put together a payment plan for you with no finance charges or additional fees. We do not require full payment until you graduate, your success is our success.


We offer a discount at the time of registration if the tuition is paid in full prior to the beginning of training.

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